ALBIS Plastics Corporation – Your partner for high-quality compounding feedstocks

ALBIS Plastics Corporation specializes in the recycling of Nylon 6 and 6.6 into high-quality compounding feedstocks. Our proprietary process also manufactures products that are suitable for the production of yarns and fibers, or film extrusion.

As our raw materials are by-products from textile, technical fiber, or film applications and we keep those groups separate from one another, our products have different but consistent viscosity levels. Products made from textile grades usually have a low relative viscosity of 2.3-2.5, while other raw materials lead to a medium relative viscosity of 2.6-2.7, and higher viscosity materials will have values of 2.8-2.9. More of a specialty are high viscosities, which start at a relative viscosity of 3.0 and higher.