ALBIS Plastics Corporation – At your service

We offer the following services to our customers:

Melt Filtered Pelletization
Melt Filtered Pelletization allows the conversion of PA 6.6, PA 6, and polyester residues (fiber, yarn, regrinds) to a pellet. In this process, ALBIS Plastics Corporation utilizes a proprietary vacuum system to remove moisture and residue/finish. Additionally, a filtration pack is utilized to remove impurities as small as 36 microns.

Grinding converts polymer lumps and rocks to uniform regrind. A filter bag is used to remove excess dust.

We dry PA6.6 and PA6 resin to below 0.10% moisture.

This service removes longs and fines and provides a uniform pellet size.

We provide homogeneous 100,000 pound pellet blocks by combining an infinite number of streams.

Color Sorting
Our Color Sorting uses a Satake Color Sorter to remove off-color pellets or black specks from a pellet stream.