ALTECH® ECO – The sustainable plastic solution

The plastics industry increasingly counts on recycling to conserve resources and valuable raw materials.

ALBIS has over 40 years of experience in compounding high quality engineering resins. ALTECH® ECO compounds use up to 100% recycled materials. The near-to-prime quality of the products is ensured by careful selection of the raw materials, stringent quality control, and close production tolerances.

  • Plastic recycling for positive ecological balance
  • Near-to-prime quality
  • Wide range of products for use in various applications
  • Tailor-made properties achieved by using various fillers and additives
  • Easy processing
  • Cost efficiency

In North America ALBIS Barnet Polymers LLC exclusively manufactures the ALTECH® ECO range of recycled compounds.

The joint venture between ALBIS PLASTIC and William Barnet & Son, LLC combines the strengths of both companies:

  • Direct access to high-quality recycling feedstock
  • Recycling expertise
  • Compounding and product development competence.

Our production site and the laboratory in Duncan are both ISO 9001 certified. Additionally, the laboratory is A2LA accredited.

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