ALBIS Americas – Your solution provider for engineering resins

We offer a full range of technical compounds, most of which can be manufactured locally at our state-of-the art compounding plant in Duncan, South Carolina.

ALTECH® – a plastic that brings your ideas to life

ALTECH® resins are technical custom solutions within the ALBIS product range. Whether you need an easy flow plastic, which is heat resistant and can be de-molded easily or has high impact strength despite a soft feel – and all of this in your corporate colours?  Or even a combination of all these properties? If your material needs to achieve more than a conventional plastic, we most likely already have a fitting technical compound in our ALTECH® portfolio.

ALCOM® – a true professional amongst plastic materials

ALCOM® compounds are technologically advanced, refined system compounds with outstanding properties and customized modifications to improve your specific applications. For you this means various possibilities for new design and construction ideas.

ALTECH NXT PP® – a perfect combination of properties

Lower density, economic feasibility and better availability: For a variety of industrial applications, the substitution of polyamide (PA) with polypropylene (PP) unlocks extremely attractive potentials. However, up to now, the mechanical as well as thermal properties of the available PP compounds have been nowhere near the technical characteristics of PA6. This gap in the substitution chain can now be closed by using ALTECH NXT PP® : The new PP compound convinces in both property areas, so that a usage in traditional PA6 and PP LGF applications is now possible.

ALFATER XL® – the flexible, cross-linked hard-soft solution

ALFATER XL® belongs to the TPE family and is a blend of a polypropylene matrix and a dispersed phase of EPDM. It combines the properties of many conventional elastomers with the advantages of thermoplastics. Exceptional properties and a variety of possible technical applications are obtained due to the very finely distributed elastomer particles in the thermoplastic polymer matrix. ALFATER XL® is especially used in the automotive industry.

TEDUR® – your choice for metal replacement

TEDUR® is a linear polyphenylene sulfide for virtually universal use thanks to its outstanding thermal, mechanical, physical and electrical properties. In conjunction with its excellent flame-retardant properties and resistance to chemicals, TEDUR® is a suitable substitute for metals and light metal alloys as well as high-quality thermoplastic, thermoset and ceramic materials.

CELLIDOR® – the alternative cellulose resin

CELLIDOR® is an organic, thermoplastic cellulose ester, which consists of approximately 45% cellulose, a renewable natural material. This means that, unlike traditional plastics, it is only partially dependent on finite fossil fuel resources. Not only because of its outstanding property profile, CELLIDOR® can already look back on over 100 years of market success by combining the classic strengths of a thermoplastic with the advantages of a bio-plastic. These include a pleasantly warm and soft surface, a self-polishing effect as well as an almost unlimited range of possible colours.

ULTRAMID® S – the high-performance polyamide 6.10

ULTRAMID® S comes into play in cases, where low moisture absorption and high dimensional stability are key requirements. It is therefore especially used for the manufacture of precision parts.

SHELFPLUS® O2 – our solution to active packaging

The presence of oxygen reduces the shelf life of packaged organic products. With the premium concentrate SHELFPLUS® O2, the packaging solves this problems itself, as it absorbs oxygen - freshness and quality are thus conserved. In many cases, this eliminates the need for vacuum packaging or refrigeration.

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